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General attendance info.

As we return to an in-person option for students, we have made some changes with how teachers take attendance that we feel are important to communicate. Attendance codes vary in some cases depending on whether you selected an in-person or virtual option for your child. Please communicate with us if you change your mind about whether you’d like your child to participate virtually or in person.

You are able to view your student's attendance in real-time by visiting Parent Portal and clicking on attendance. You can also view attendance by logging into School Loop and clicking on the "Attendance" tab, next to the "Academics" tab. Please note that attendance on School Loop is about 1 day behind when it posts. Below are the following codes that you may see each period:

attendance codes

Attendance Codes

When these new codes were created, there was an error in the system that caused some parents of students who were attending virtually to receive a call and/or email message indicating that their child was absent. These students are not considered absent in our system and the messages were sent in error. We are working with the district to resolve the issue with the incorrect message.  

If your student is scheduled to attend in person but is unable to due to illness, being under quarantine, etc, they can Zoom from home if they are feeling well enough. If your child is not able to attend (either virtually or in person) please call (707) 453-6284 or email our attendance secretary Gail Fay, to report the absence. Please be sure to include your student's name and the reason they are out. Reported absences will be coded with an "E" for excused or "U" for unexcused, as outlined in Ed code. All absences not reported will be an "A" for unverified.