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WJMS Dress Code

Willis Jepson respects students' rights to express themselves in the way they dress. All students that attend Willis Jepson Middle School are also expected to respect the school community by dressing appropriately for a college and career preparatory environment. This policy is intended to provide guidance for students, staff, and parents/guardians.

minimum requirements

1. Clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to the mid-thigh while covering all private parts. Tops must have shoulder straps at least 1-inch wide. 

2. Shoes must be worn at all times and should be safe for the school environment (bedroom shoes, flip flops, sliders, and slippers shall not be worn, except for school activities approved by the principal). Sandals shall have a back strap.

3. See-through or mesh garments must not be worn without appropriate coverage underneath that meet the minimum requirements of the dress code.

4. Headgear including hats, hoodies, and caps are allowed outside only, before school, at lunch, and after school. Hats with brims or visors must be worn properly and facing straightforward and shading the face. All hat types are to be taken off when entering or in any building.

5. Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as safety gear.

Additional Requirements

1. Clothing may not consist of nightwear (i.e. pajamas).

2. Clothing may not depict, imply, advertise, or advocate illegal, violent, or lewd conduct, weapons, or the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances.

3. Clothing may not depict or imply pornography, nudity, or sexual acts.

4. Clothing may not display or imply vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene language or images.

5. Clothing may not state, imply, or depict hate speech/imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected classification.

6. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.

7. Blankets may not be brought to school and used as outerwear. 

8. Clothing and accessories that endanger student or staff safety may not be worn.

9. Apparel, jewelry, accessories, bandanas, tattoos, or manner of grooming that, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark or any other attribute, denotes membership in a gang that advocates illegal or disruptive behavior is prohibited.

after school "Relaxed" dress

The WJMS Dress Code applies to all school related activities, including dances. For the purposes of School Dances, the administration allows for a relaxed standard of dress.

Dress Code

consequences for dress code violations

Students in violation of the Dress Code will be notified by school staff. All attempts at minimizing the disruption on a student’s education will be enforced. Students will be sent to the office where the following stepwise interventions will take place:

1st Offense: Student is warned and informed of proper dress code expectations, parent/guardian notified, student will be given a Dress Code Violation notification and returned to class. 

2nd Offense: Violation is logged into student discipline record (WAR), parent/guardian notified, student will change into appropriate clothing and inappropriate clothing items may be picked up at the end of the school day. 1 demerit assigned.

3rd Offense/Subsequent Offenses: Same as 2nd offense, student will be assigned a lunch detention and 2 demerits. Subsequent violations will result in Saturday School.