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7th Grade

Contact Mr. C Birch  Mr. C Birch Teacher
Contact Mrs. Donna Herman  Mrs. Donna Herman Teacher
Contact Ms. Camille Neitz  Ms. Camille Neitz Teacher
Contact Tanya Wade, Ms. T  Tanya Wade, Ms. T Teacher

8th grade

Contact Cynthia Coble  Cynthia Coble (707) 453-6280 ex: 1221 Teacher
Contact Jenny Lola Rooney  Jenny Lola Rooney Teacher
Contact Ms. Shaffer  Ms. Shaffer Teacher
Contact Ryan Williams, Mr. R  Ryan Williams, Mr. R Teacher


English Banner

English textbook

WJMS English classes use Springboard as their textbook.  Zinc can also be found on the Springboard website, a vocabulary and reading program that the English department uses for homework.

Links to english resources

Clever - this is a student portal.  Log into Clever and you will find links to many of the sites your teachers need you to use.  

EdPuzzle - a collection of video lessons for a variety of topics. (click "log in", then "I'm a student", then "sign in with Google").

Newsela - Newsela contains articles with a large variety of topics.  

Scholastic Action Magazine - stories and articles from Scholastic Action Magazine!  A class password is needed - ask your teacher for the classroom password if you don't remember it.  

Links to teacher websites