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Mission Statement



A broad statement of the unique purpose for which the organization exists and the specific function it performs.


The mission of Willis Jepson Middle School, through a partnership of students, families, staff and community, is to ensure that every student has the skills to build a strong social and academic foundation, in order to transition into a successful high school student and responsible member of the community. This mission is accomplished by providing a challenging, standards-based curriculum that meets individual needs and is delivered in a safe environment by a dedicated nurturing staff.



  • Every student will be actively involved in creating and promoting a safe, orderly environment that enhances learning.

  • Every student will demonstrate the social skills necessary to act responsibly in the school and community at large.

  • Every student will meet or exceed the promotion criteria necessary to transition successfully into high school.



A statement of the organization’s fundamental convictions, its values, its character.

WE BELIEVE that every human being is important and has value.

WE BELIEVE that the freedom and rights enjoyed in society require that individuals take responsibility for their actions.

WE BELIEVE that the family is the critical element in an individual’s development.

WE BELIEVE that reaching one’s potential requires great effort.

WE BELIEVE that expectations profoundly influence our own performance and the performance of others.

WE BELIEVE that every person is responsible for making the community a better place.

WE BELIEVE that honesty and integrity are essential to building trusting relationships.

WE BELIEVE that people learn best in a safe, healthy environment.

WE BELIEVE that meaningful accomplishment enhances the motivation essential for continued success.