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Student Recognition


The Principal’s Honor Roll recognizes students that have earned an “A” in every class.  (4.0 Grade Point Average)

The Honor Roll recognizes students that earn all A’s and B’s, with no more than one C. You must have at least one “A” if you have one “C”. Your Grade Point Average (GPA) must be a 3.0 or higher.

Recognition Program at Willis Jepson Middle School

At Willis Jepson Middle School, we have a group of very talented students.  It is our effort to positively recognize students for making good choices by: 

  • Being responsible
  • Academic excellence, 
  • Demonstrating significant academic improvement
  • Being diligent/hardworking
  • Being kind, empathetic, or helpful to others

Teachers nominate students for each award every quarter.  Any student can win the award once per year while at Willis Jepson Middle School.

Here is a list of student awards: 

Work Ethic: This award is for students that tries their best, does their work on time, and consistently gives their best.

Leadership:  This award is for students who involve others in a positive way, sets a positive example for others, takes initiative, and contributes positively to our school.

Scholarship: This award is for students who completes all work, is prepared for class, meets and exceeds standards of learning, and turns in excellent work. 

Achievement in Math: This award is for students who show improvement, hard work ethic, and dedication in math class.  

Improved Academics: This award is for students who show improved assignment completion across classes.  

Attendance: This award is for students who show improved punctuality to school and class and/or improved their daily attendance.  

Career Tech. Award: This award is for students who show great technical, artistic and musical skills - which we hope will lead to success in future careers and lifelong learning!  This award is for our elective courses.

Character Contribution: This award is for students who exhibit trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, or citizenship.

Do the Right Thing: This award is to reward Jepson students for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds!