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7th Grade

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8th grade


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Science curriculum

The science 7/8 curriculum is called Amplify Science.  To access Amplify, you must first log in through the student Clever portal. Once logged in, you will see a button for students to log into Amplify.  

Links to science resources

Other sites that we use in our science classes: 

  • EdPuzzle - used for video assignments (click "log in", then "I'm a student", then "sign in with Google").
  • GoFormative - tests and quizzes are here (click "login", then "sign in with Google").

Teacher websites

Science Youtube channels

It's Okay To Be Smart - a channel created by PBS, hosted by Joe Hanson, Ph.D.  Videos go over and explain a variety of topics, including teeth, space, evolution, and chemistry.  Presented at a middle/high school level but perfect for adults too!

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell - scientific concepts explained with lots of great animations!  Videos cover mostly life science and physics.  

Minuteearth - a channel created by Henry Reich and his team.  Explains and discusses earth science and biology concepts in short videos with hand-drawn time-lapse animations. 

Minutephysics - a channel created by Henry Reich and his team.  Explains and discusses physics concepts in short videos with hand-drawn time-lapse animations.  

Scishow - a channel hostly main by Hank Green, along with others.  Covers a variety of science topics.  Videos range from beginner-friendly to college-level review!   

Veritasium - a channel created by Dr. Derek Muller.  Videos are mostly physics-based, discussing atoms and molecules, gravity, forces and motion, and scientific misconceptions.